About Exploring Language Models

(Large) Language Models have had a tremendous impact on the field. I created Exploring Language Models as a way to keep myself up to date with the latest developments. There is no better way of learning something than creating content.

Hopefully, they will also be of benefit to you!

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About the Author

Hi, I’m Maarten! I have a background in Organizational Psychology and Clinical Psychology and switched over to Data Science to pursue my interests in AI.

After pursuing these degrees, I authored and currently maintain the popular BERTopic, KeyBERT, and PolyFuzz open-source packages which have been downloaded over 5,000,000 times.

Together with my co-author Jay Alammar, we are currently in the process of writing the Hands-On Large Language Models book together with O’Reilly.

Aside from Substack, You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn!

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ML Engineer writing about the intersection of AI, Language Models, and Psychology. Open Source Developer (BERTopic, PolyFuzz, KeyBERT). Co-author of "Hands-On Large Language Models".


Data Scientist | Psychologist | Writer | Open Source Developer (BERTopic, PolyFuzz, KeyBERT) | At the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Psychology